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Why NATV Chose Purple Turtle Communications/Media to launch on is20 satellite channel into Africa

The New Apostolic Church South Africa chose Purple Turtle Communications/Media as their broadcast partner to migrate their ADHOC pay as you go satellite TV channel from DSTV to a dedicated 24/7 Purple Turtle run Satellite TV channel on the popular IS20 satellite. (where DSTV is)

All supplies were reviewed by NAC (Sentech, Viewmedia/Viewsat, Msat,Commec, Damsky and other resellers) and NAC found Purple Turtle stood out head and shoulders above the rest in price and most of all quality, relationship and detail of the final solution.

IS20 Satellite FTA DTH satellite channels to start your own satellite TV channel and reach Africa

is20 satellite FTA DTH start a TV channel by Purple Turtle Media

IS20 Satellite FTA DTH satellite channels to start your own satellite TV channel and reach Africa.
Want to reach the biggest possible audience in Africa with your existing or NEW start-up satellite channel. The Purple Turtle Media’s IS20 satellite is the perfect platform for you.
Covering the majority of Africa with a powerful KU band footprint Purple Turtle Media is20 FTA (Free to air) DTH satellite channels is the solution for you.

Go Free to Air in Africa on is20 with Purple Turtle Media, start your own satellite TV channel

start your own satellite TV channel with

Purple Turtle offers a unique selection of customised is20 satellite channel packages to enable new start up channels and existing channels, achieve their Vision on budget and without wasting money on services they do not need.

Customised playout solutions for starting your own satellite TV channel on is20 to suite your needs and budget

playout servers for is20 satellite channel by purple turtle media

Start a TV channel on is20, need a playout server to run your channel, try our cloud servers, save costs, maintain quality through customised solutions built around you.

Re-Tuning your DSTV Viewsat decoder to Pickup View Free to air Mpeg4 channels Free

Tune your DSTV decoder to free channels by Purple Turtle Media

For information on How to Tune your DSTV decoder to the FREE Public channels, please contact your DSTV installer as we are unable to support home users in tuning their decoders. Tuning your DSTV decoder is a great way to get the free Public channels. But it does still require a DSTV subscription of some kind. EasyView is suggested as its cheap and easy.

To find out how to launch your own Satellite TV Channel Please visit our site for more information under Broadcast.

Start a POP-up Satellite TV channel on is20 for your special event on Viewsat decoder

Popup satellite TV channel on is20 on viewsat decoder

Popup satellite channels are the best way to reach your audience LIVE via is20 satellite channel for a short time period reaching Africa live. Pay as you Go Satellite

How to Launch a satellite Tv channel in Africa

How to Launch a satellite Tv channel in Africa with Purple Turtle

Since the question of “How do you launch a satellite TV channel in Africa” comes to us almost daily we thought we would address the question to help new satellite start-ups make the right decisions and avoid wasting money.

All Successful TV channels comes from a solid grounded UNIQUE vision.

Choosing is20 Satellite provider to start my Satellite TV channel

Choosing an is20 Satellite provider. - How to avoid “selling your soul to the devil”

With many choices out there today how do you make the right decision when choosing a supplier for is20 satellite FTA DTH, so you will not regret it later? We get asked this many times by clients who consult with.

This is what we tell them.

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