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Shark Aircraft South Africa

290km/h, 2 seater, retractable Light Sport Aircraft burning 6L per 100km. Coming to Southern Africa by Purple Turtle Aviation

Shark Aircraft Specifications:

Imagine an affordable aircraft that does 290km/h has 2 performance sporty seats plus retractable landing gear, burns less than 6L per 100km and has a ballistic parachute for added safety.
Well imagine no more, the Shark Light Sports Aircraft is here.

High-performance composite tandem-seat low-wing UL/LSA/ELSA aircraft , designed to be ideal for fast cross-country flights and flying for fun.
An integration of exclusive performance with comfortable cockpit, excellent visibility, and uncompromising styling enables you to feel yourself like a true Shark in the Sky

To achieve a minimum aerodynamic drag the Shark uses a proprietary airfoil, optimized for fast cross-country flights, developed specially for SHARK. The smoothly streamlined, aerodynamically efficient fuselage and aerodynamic surfaces with the elliptical outer leading edges are created by professionals with a lot of experiences from well-known Czech aircraft manufacturers.

Superb visibility, comfortable adjustable seats, adjustable pedals, side-sticks, EFIS instrumentation, big volume and easy access side doors for baggage compartment - everything is optimized for the crew comfort during long flights. It is really comfortable for subtle girls, as well for XXL pilots over 2 m tall.

Structure is mostly carbon epoxy composite, combined with glass fabrics, carbon-aramid fabric, foam, honeycomb – to get the best weight/strength ratio, stiffness and safety. We use new materials – TEXTREME carbon fabric from OXEON, PR220 resin and pultruded carbon profiles from 5M, AEROGLASS glass fabric from HAVEL COMPOSITES.
Aircraft is produced in COMP-LET facility, taking advantage of 200 highly-qualified employees, who have a lot of experience in composite structures’ mass production due to their 16-year-long career as a proven supplier of famous aircraft manufacturers like the Diamond Aircraft (DA-40, DA-42, SuperDimona, Katana), the Aerospool (Dynamic), the FlySynthesis (Texan, Wallaby), the Aeropro (Eurofox), the FK-Leichtflugzeuge (Polaris) etc.

Shark is in flight characteristics are very stable, with easy handling in air on low and high speeds too, with natural response of controls.

DESIGN FEATURES : Shark UL is designed according European UL rules, for stall speed 65 km/h, MTOW 472,5 kg including BRS, empty weight below 300 kg. Manoeuvring load is +4 g, gust load +5,3 g, structure is designed and tested with safety factor 2. All calculations and tests are prepared for 600 kg MTOW, we want to be ready for new EU rules.

STRUCTURE : Composite wing with carbon-fibre main spar, rear spar carrying flap levers and aileron hinges has 60 % of the trailing edge occupied by powerful single-slotted flaps actuated by electric servo. 50l+50 l tanks in basic version are in the wings. Wings and horizontal tail can be quickly detached for transportation or storage.

UNDERCARRIAGE: Shark UL has tricycle type retractable undercarriage with steerable nose wheel and main wheels with hydraulic disc brakes.

POWER PLANT: One 75 kW/100HP Rotax 912ULS flat-four engine with variable-pitch composite propeller. Installation of the Rotax 914 is possible, high altitude cruise speed will be significantly improved.

EQUIPMENT : here are you have different options – bigger fuel tanks, adjustable props, instruments, BRS with lever on both seats, full instructor control on the rear seat, lights flush with surface, glider towing hook, autopilot, and a lot of next ideas we prepare.

We are pilots, we know what pilots like, and our goal is to offer the best toy for big boys. We designed and produce dream. Find out more by visiting the Shark Aircraft Light Sport Aircraft website

Sharaircraft South Africa specs

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