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Journalism Humour SNG satellite broadcasting in Africa

SNG satellite uplink for broadcast News Sports in South Africa @PurpleTurtleGroup

20 years of delivering broadcast services and SNG from South Africa and Africa for News Sports and reality TV for all your SNG satellite uplink needs from Africa #makeithappen #SNGtruck

Benefits of a Live Broadcast drone vs off the shelf DJI drone products Purple Turtle Aviation Drone Services

Live Broadcast Drone Purple Turtle Aviation UAV drone services South Africa

Purple Turtle Aviation True Live Broadcast Drone, South Africa, making LIVE Broadcast quality drones for OB and Reality TV possible.

Broadcast Drone Hire in South Africa for Outside Broadcast and Reality TV

Broadcast Drone Hire in South Africa for outside Broadcast, Drone Newsgathering or Reality TV

Live Broadcast Drone for Live Outside Broadcasts, Drone Newsgathering and Reality TV, designed for the demanding broadcast environment and not a drone off the shelf.

Challenges using drone for Outside Broadcast Live TV broadcasts and Drone Newsgathering in South Africa

drone outside broadcast DNG Drone Newsgathering

Challenges with Drones for Live Broadcast OB Television
Drones are changing the way we do everything. Live Broadcast TV and Outside Broadcast are no different. Drones are able to give never before seen shots without the crazy high costs of helicopter hire.
BUT majority of drones are designed for hobbyists and not broadcasters and the demanding needs for quality and stability now limits the full integration and use into regular outside broadcast workflows.

The Dawn of DNG Live Broadcast Drone News Gathering in South Africa

Drone News gathering DNG by Purple Turtle aviation UAV drone services South Africa

Drones are exploding with unique eye in the sky and Point of View (POV) shots for multiple different applications. Drones have changed the way broadcast TV does things. No longer are expensive helicopters required to get breath-taking shots. The Broadcast Drone is here.

Television news and reporting on news stories opens the new options for broadcast drone uses, with Drone News Gathering (DNG) reporting taking viewers to the action not possible to see before.

Live Broadcast Drones, bringing Professional Broadcast Quality, drone based solutions to Live Broadcast Television in South Africa

Live Broadcast Drone by Purple Turtle aviation uav drone services

Purple Turtle Aviation’s UAV and Drone Services South Africa is pleased to announce another 1st in the region in our Broadcast quality Professional Live Broadcast drone for Broadcast Television and high end tv/film shoots.

The current problem with many of the drones on the market is they lack many of the technical standards, quality and versatility required in the demining live broadcast TV production work flows. Because of this drone in live broadcasting have never really been taken seriously, Until our Live Broadcast TV drone.

Making UAV and Drone based services safer to other airspace users by Purple Turtle aviation UAV drone services.

Uav Drone Services by Purple Turtle Airspace map

With the rise of drones the biggest challenge that has emerged is how to secure the airspace drones share with aircraft, helicopters and airlines.
Since the dawn of aviation airspace has been segregated for safety and has worked pretty well over the history of aviation with controlled airspace as well as uncontrolled airspace where pilots talk to each other on Airband radios to control themselves and maintains operation from each other visually to ensure maximum airspace safety. Testament to this is the low percentage of air to air collisions globally, but they do happen.

Broadcast Drone LIVE HD low delay video link live to anywhere in the world.

UAV Drone Services powered by Purple Turtle Aviation, Port Elizabeth, South Africa is proud to announce their latest drone-based broadcast video solution.

One of the biggest challenges with drones has been how to  deliver live low delay broadcast quality HD video from the drone to the people who need to see it.
Be it live broadcast TV events or drone-based site video inspections, the need to get the video to another site live and without delay has always been a challenge.

UAV Drone uses and Services in South Africa FAQ

With the explosion of Commercial drones globally many unique solutions have opened up making use of drones to solve unique problems for business. Many jobs that before would require an expensive real size helicopter can now be done by Drones at a fraction of the cost. This is what has powered the explosion of new drone technologies out there.

Are Tethered drones legal in South Africa or are they under Part 101 for ROC oporations

Are Tethered drones legal in South Africa or do they fall under Part 101 drone licenses?

This is a question that comes up extremely often and many people have their ideas on this, most of them with a sales agenda.
Be careful and find the truth for yourselves and verify it before purchasing to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

Unlike the UK and other countries South Africa’s CAA (Civil Aviation Association) views things differently and this is where many go wrong reading online about rules in other countries.


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