Satellite uplink in Africa

Satellite uplink truck SNG in South Africa for news sports and reality tv

SNG satellite uplink and OB trucks in South Africa @PurpleTurtleGroup uav drone services, live broadcast drone, drone newsgathering

20 years of delivering broadcast services and SNG from South Africa and Africa for News Sports and reality TV for all your SNG satellite uplink needs from Africa #makeithappen #SNGtruck SNG Upink Truck in South Africa.

Purple Turtle SNG Service South Africa light weight HD SNG KU Band flyaway for Africa

Purple Turtle Communications and SNG services, South Africa is proud to announce the availability of our new ultra-light weight KU band flyaway customised for Africa SNG satellite uplink and live broadcasts deployments.

As the broadcast industry has changed so much over the last few years with new technologies emerging coupled with ever shrinking production budgets, one of the biggest challenges for SNG broadcasts from Africa has been budget due to high costs or cargo.

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