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Live Broadcast Drones, bringing Professional Broadcast Quality, drone based solutions to Live Broadcast Television in South Africa

Live Broadcast Drone by Purple Turtle aviation uav drone services

Purple Turtle Aviation’s UAV and Drone Services South Africa is pleased to announce another 1st in the region in our Broadcast quality Professional Live Broadcast drone for Broadcast Television and high end tv/film shoots.

The current problem with many of the drones on the market is they lack many of the technical standards, quality and versatility required in the demining live broadcast TV production work flows. Because of this drone in live broadcasting have never really been taken seriously, Until our Live Broadcast TV drone.

Drone operations for sale plus registered drones

It’s a perfect opportunity to buy all you need with all the work done for your future drone operations to start your own RPAS drone company and operations. PLUS get gear cheaper than buying new plus lots of spare parts.

Most of the hard work is done with CAA RPAS drone documentation as well as registering RPAS with CAA and ICASA radio station licenses. Avoid the learning curve of trying to DIY by buying a solution with most of the work done for you.

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