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UAV Drone uses and Services in South Africa FAQ

With the explosion of Commercial drones globally many unique solutions have opened up making use of drones to solve unique problems for business. Many jobs that before would require an expensive real size helicopter can now be done by Drones at a fraction of the cost. This is what has powered the explosion of new drone technologies out there.

Info needed to conduct a legal drone RPAS flight in South Africa with Licensed ROC and Purple Turtle Aviation cc

So, you want to have a drone job done for a project you have in the Eastern Cape or anywhere else in South Africa for that matter.

You have taken careful time to find Purple Turtle Aviation UAV and Drone Services who is a LEGAL CAA Licensed ROC holder and operator. Licensed legal drones offer you something illegal fly by nights can’t and that is all Legal drone operations carry public liability insurance which is not available to illegal non-CAA approved operators.

Are Tethered drones legal in South Africa or are they under Part 101 for ROC oporations

Are Tethered drones legal in South Africa or do they fall under Part 101 drone licenses?

This is a question that comes up extremely often and many people have their ideas on this, most of them with a sales agenda.
Be careful and find the truth for yourselves and verify it before purchasing to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

Unlike the UK and other countries South Africa’s CAA (Civil Aviation Association) views things differently and this is where many go wrong reading online about rules in other countries.

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