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Blue Vigil Tethered drone system for UAV Drone services and RPAS in South Africa

Blue Vigil Purple Turtle UAV and Drone RPAS services tethered Drone systems

6 June 2017, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Purple Turtle Aviation is proud to announce our partnership with Blue Vigil USA bringing Tethered Drone/UAV/RPAS technologies to Southern Africa.As all drone and UAV pilots know the most annoying and limiting factor is battery life, just when you start to get the pictures/data you need its time to come in for a battery change.

What if you could cut the reliance on batteries on your UAV and Drone Flights? You can now with Purple Turtle Aviation and Blue Vigil Southern Africa.

The Blue Vigil Purple Turtle Aviation RPAS and Drone solutions cater for a large selection of drone makes and applications allowing you the freedom to take flight with your preferred drone and platform. The biggest advantage is our system does not tie you into one application and aircraft RPAS usage. We supply you the building blocks to take your application further with all the equipment you already use. An Open Tether approach if you want to give it a name.


  • Small and light enough to be transported in the trunk of a vehicle
  • Deployable and retrievable from a stationary vehicle in a matter of seconds
  • Once Deployed, the system requires no operator – Automated flight systems keep the UAV stable and hovering above the ground power station
  • Powered by an AC outlet (100v or 220v) or a 12v automotive system
  • Unlimited flight duration
  • Designed to carry your own camera system
  • Maximum altitude of 330 feet (100m)
  • No potential airspace risk conflict due to of flyaway

Purple Turtle Blue Vigil power tethers for almost any Multi-Copter UAS

  • Unlimited flight duration
  • Powers most UAS by replacing the OEM battery with the Blue Vigil Replacement Module (BRM)
  • Set it and forget it – once deployed the integrated flight control system will keep the multi-copter in hover over the ground power station
  • 1500W of ground power for unlimited hover
  • BRM circuity provides up to 2500W of peak power and onboard emergency backup power
  • Input 110vor 220AC
  • Output 12v or 24V


  • Surveillance of fixed positions and perimeters
  • Monitoring protracted barricade/hostage situation
  • Weather monitoring
  • Hazmat incidents
  • Situational awareness at events (concerts, festivals, parades)
  • Eye-in-the-sky camera position for televising and recording sports events
  • Reconnaissance in hazardous/inaccessible environments
  • Monitoring vehicular traffic conditions
  • Scene safety/force protection
  • Film production
  • Aerial platform for lights, sensors, and antennas

The applications are endless. Contact Purple Turtle UAV and Drone services for more information and pricing today and visit