• Start your own Satellite TV channel
    Reach the world with your own TV Channel Live via satellite. Solutions customised to your needs.
  •  Broadcast Solutions for you!
    Broadcast Solutions for you!
    Broadcast Solutions for you! Tired of being pushed into a box for broadcast solutions? Let us create something for you that meets ALL your needs not just some.
  • Television has left the building
    Unique broadcast solutions connecting you to your world via Satellite and online where you are when you need it as you need it. We make it all as simple as child's play.
  • Uavionix South Africa Blue Vigil Tethered Drone RPAS systems by Purple Turtle Aviation
    UAV Drone Services and Solutions
    Purple Turtle Aviation Southern Africa supplier of Uavionix ADSB and Mode S transponders/Transceivers for GA and UAS. Compact light weight ADSB Devices as well as Blue Vigil Tether drone systems.


HD/SD SNG Trucks and Flyaways ready for deployment anywhere in the Africa region


2018 Special on our LIVE Broadcast, OB Truck intergrated HD Broadcast Drone services.

MASSIVE discount on our IS20 satellite channels with packages from R100 000 per month

Recent Articles

So, you are having a big corporate event and you want to connect all your offices/branches around the country/world to it, but you don’t want people to have to travel for miles and increase your already climbing costs.
What are your options?
You could live stream it, but as we all know live streaming is not always dependable and can raise the stress levels when the video drops out and you have many people at that viewing site viewing it all upset.

Media is a powerful tool if used correctly. Christian ministries around the world are realising the power of media and how it can be used effectively to reach the world with the Gospel.
But the idea of starting your own channel can be extremely intimidating, where do you even start.

Since the question of “How do you launch a satellite TV channel in Africa” comes to us almost daily we thought we would address the question to help new satellite start-ups make the right decisions and avoid wasting money.

All Successful TV channels comes from a solid grounded UNIQUE vision.

About Us

The Purple Turtle Group of Port Elizabeth/Cape Town South Africa offer you a unique collection of broadcast solutions for your media project needs. With Communications, Media and  Aviation depts you have access to unique solutions all under one roof. . Be it Broadcast,Online, Drone/RPAS?UAV or in the air we have your covered.